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The Private Sale Company Ltd - Buyer/ Seller Referral Agreement

For the following agreement The Private Sale Company Limited shall be referred to as TPSC. 

I hereby authorise TPSC to refer and introduce potential buyers and/or property sellers to me with the intention of purchasing a property or selling my property over the next 180 days.  

I fully understand TPSC is not a real estate agent or agency and acknowledge that TPSC does not negotiate any price paid or accepted by me, or for me, whatsoever.

I hereby confirm I am not a licenced or unlicenced real estate agent or hold any position whatsoever in the New Zealand Real Estate Industry. 

I fully accept that all outcomes of any TPSC introductions/referrals are my own responsibility and I will not hold TPSC accountable for such whatsoever.

I understand that when I sign a Sale & Purchase Agreement with any introduced buyer or seller referred to me by TPSC, on settlement day of that agreement, I agree to pay TPSC their standard referral fee plus GST 7 days after.  

I agree to provide written email confirmation to TPSC administration team within 24 hours of signing a Sale & Purchase Agreement and 24 hours after Settlement Day, as a result of any TPSC introductions and referrals.

In checking this box, I fully agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions.

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